About Us

Welcome to Engineer’s Chaupal (चौपाल or چوپال). Chaupal refers to a public place, a community building place or Village meeting place. This is a place where you can connect to your fraternity of engineers related to the Engineering community. Once you register here and BECOME A MEMBER, you can participate in discussions, share your technical query, meet suppliers and suppliers can look for opportunities. Job seekers can look for new career opportunities and recruiters, in turn can access a huge database of well-qualified candidates from various domains within the engineering profession.

Our Vision
We strive to create new opportunities for the entire Engineering fraternity members so that they are able to work and grow together. This productive engineering portal will benefit all aspects of the engineering industry.
We aim for providing an interactive and active community at national as well as international level for exchanging information and helping each other online on forums. Engineering Vendors from all domains as well as engineering suppliers are able to explore their untapped business potential and more business opportunities with us on Engineer’s Chaupal.

Our Mission
To connect the entire Engineering fraternity and add overall value by providing resources for the technical competence and advancement of all members.

Besides being the top most source of qualified job openings within the engineering domain, Engineer’s Chaupal aims to be a one stop shop for fulfilling all the supplier and buyer requirements and matching the needs of engineers and businesses through innovative and productive ways.