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TRANSFORMERBy : umakant - 18-Oct-2018 
What is converter transformer ? How it is different from Power transformer & where it is used ?
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Converter transformer is basically a transformer which converts AC to DC voltage & vice versa. It is basically used in HVDC substation where AC voltage needs to convert into DC voltage.

While Power transformer is basically used in EHV & HV substation.
1. Power transformer has mainly 2 or 3 secondary winding but converter transformer may have multiple secondary windings that are phase shifted (e.g. Dyn11d0). The higher pulse numbers the better harmonic reduction towards the supply network.
2. Tapping range of OLTC is large compare to Power transformer.
3. In converter transformer stray losses & load losses is higher than Power transformer.

Therefore converter transformer is different from Power transformer.