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WiringBy : Arpit - 23-Oct-2018 
Mention what are the different colors on wires indicates?
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Every country has a standard color codes for home electrical wires that identify each wire's function in a circuit in every country.

These electrical color codes dictates what role each wire has in an electrical system that is important to know for safety purpose.

In India, wires have standard color code as RGB i.e. Red- Green- Black. Each of these wires have different functions. But, it is the old color coding, where

RED: Red wire signifies the phase in electric circuit. It is he live wire.
BLACK: Black wires signifies neutral wire in electric circuit. The neutral wires is connected to neutral bus bar inside an electric panel.
GREEN: Green wire stands for grounding/ earthing in electric circuit.
The new color coding consist of Brown, Blue and Green wires. Following are functions :

BROWN: It is a live wire.
BLUE: It is neutral wire.
GREEN: It is earthing wire.
In case of a three-phase power supply, the combination of Red, Yellow and Blue are used for the active line power conductors, Black color for neutral conductor and Green or Green – Yellow for protective ground.