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Naeem Carbon & Industrial Products LLP.
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

For over 25 years, Naeem Carbon & Industrial Products LLP has been one of the industry leaders in the replacement brush market and a supplier to many major OEMs of DC equipment. Our Carbon brushes are used in many industries including steel processing, mining, power generation, railroad, and motor repair.

Pearl Engineering Company
Delhi, Delhi/NCR, India

Pearl is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of Electrical Stampings for Motors and Fans like Traction Motor & Rotor Lamination, Stator & Rotor Lamination, Electric Motor Parts, Stator & Rotor Stack, Progressive Stamping.

PANAMA Engineering Enterprise
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • Grooved Pins
  • Dowel Pins
  • Taper Pins
  • Threaded Taper Pins
  • Cylindrical (Dowel) Pins
  • Internal Threaded Pins
  • Parallel Pins
  • Measuring Pins
PANAMA ENGINEERING - a pioneer in Filter Press Manufacturer and installing Machines and Frames has been in inception since 1945. Today, PANAMA ENGINEERING has grown from delivering goods to local cities to all over the globe. PANAMA ENGINEERING understands the “Filter” process in depth. Be it any industry Chemical or Dyestuff, Food or Pharmaceutical, Corporation or Waste Water - we have the process equipment. You desire and we deliver – is the thinking and action of PANAMA ENGINEERING . With more than 50 years in the business we have the capacity to manufacture in-house or on site as per your equipment. Our Expert consultation services for your filter products are an added advantage which delivers what you want.

Harsha Engineers Ltd
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Harsha Engineers expresses itself as a core engineering company which consistently focuses on continuous learning and experience to produce world class products. Since its inception in 1972, Harsha has leveraged continuous customer engagement to embed world class manufacturing practices thriving on an ecosystem of precision engineering.