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Port Harcourt, Abuja, Nigeria

Real Time Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd.
Delhi, Delhi/NCR, India

Real Time Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd is a truly Innovative Indian Company involved in development of the State of the Art Real Time PCR Machine & other related equipment. The company has already developed a 4 Channel multiplex Real Time PCR System. The company plans to sell this system at an economical price so that it becomes affordable for the Indian Laboratories and Researchers.

EPS Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd
Delhi, Delhi/NCR, India

EPS Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd. is a leading industrial automation company offering perfect process automation solution and industrial automation equipment. Since its inception as an outstanding industrial automation company, EPS Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd. is the imperative solution provider in the field of process and industrial automation. EPS Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd. excel in the field of Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Controls and Electricals from over a decade & operates with a view to provide solutions throughout the plant.