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Prajvala was established in the year 2012 as “InTech” towards harnessing the freely available natural sources of energy like solar energy to serve mankind by means of applied engineering to come out with an answer for energy crisis and to make energy self-sustained society under “Go-Green” initiative. By looking into the present power scenario and anticipating the future of power sector, increased population and energy demands, Prajvala is making a humble attempt to harness this potential in nature through various quality products which can be taken to every corner and make it available to everyone at affordable prices. We are involved in Supplying of Integrated CCTV, Time Attendance & Access Control, EPABX/KTS, UPS & Inverters, Solar Water Heater, Solar Home Lighting Systems, Solar Roof Top, Solar Street Lights, Solar operated electrical & electronic equipment’s like Solar Lanterns, portable fans, motors, inverter spares with sales and services & so on. The team of knowledgeable, well qualified and experienced people mixed under one roof involved in R&D activities by thinking & acting in implementing new ideas whichever is useful to the common mankind which is most effective to make useful in day to day activities & make the society energy self-sustained.