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Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics Ltd.
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

AAA is DGCA approved flight school in India and air Charter Company, in operation since 1994. Considered one of the best flying school in India, AAA operates from own hangars at SV Patel International Airport Ahmedabad and Mehsana Airfield. AAA currently has 4 single engine aircraft and one single / multiengine flight simulator. Ground school is conducted in air conditioned classrooms equipped with modern audio visual aids.AAA's success is built on a firm understanding of what the aviation industry is looking for and we train our pilots accordingly. Our placement record is strong and we have graduates now working in India's leading airlines, corporate airplanes and flight schools.

Sound Engineering Academy
Trivandrum, Kerala, India

SEA was established in 2004, based on the firm belief that an intensive one-year programme combining meticulously crafted curriculum with practical studio experience would create an effective training ground for future audio engineers ambitious to work in the real world of sound engineering. As it turns out, SEA‘s instincts were right on. Over the past ten years, SEA has attracted students from in and around the country with a common trait ……A fiery passion, to grab all things in audio. We enhance this passion by complimenting knowledge and experience that empowers them to master in their chosen field.